Technical Support

ARSnova is Open Source: the software is free and open source for individual modifications and upgrades. Also, the online service, is free of charge for public educational institutions.

As a web-based service, the connection, reaction time of submissions and the maximum number of simultaneous users depends on the quality of the wireless network (Wi-Fi). Experience has shown that between 50-70 users can work simultaneously per access point, unless other online services such as WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter are being accessed at the same time. In addition, in the course of a day, mostly in the morning hours, the European server is frequented by hundreds of teachers and students (see the latest usage statistics), which means that the optimal performance of cannot be guaranteed.

Also, due to privacy reasons, it is preferable to operate ARSnova on one’s own server, even though the European server is located in Germany; see the Privacy statement to ARSnova.

In case you are interested in technical support, please contact the Project Manager Prof. Dr. Klaus Quibeldey-Cirkel.